Amil Amycordial Tablet 30

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DOSAGE:?2 Tablets twice or thrice a day for 1-3 months.

?A time tested uterine tonic?

Amycordial is a scientifically formulated, unique combination of herbs to maintain and provide a natural way for restoring female physiology and reclaiming feminine innocence. Amycordial not only ensures safety and efficacy, it also assures health in females through cleansing, nourishing and strengthening whole body. Amycordial serves a dual purpose of therapeutic management and nutritional supplementation. Amycordial contains herbal extracts in optimal concentrations for maximum efficacy in managing gynaecological disorders like, irregular menstruation, polycystic ovaries syndrome, unexplained infertility, non-specific leucorrhoea and post-menopausal syndrome. Amycordial exhibits magnificent results through ideally balanced synergism of nature?s flora for harmonizing effects to maintain feminine health. Vital herbs in Amycordial?are clinically proven?for safety and efficacy.
Restores the Balance of Hormone-Emotion-Nutrition Axis
Regularizes menstrual cycle?by providing phytonutrients, phytoestrogens and nutritional essentials, reduces menstrual pain and regulates menstrual pattern by shatavar, putrajeevak, hirabol, aloevera.
Regularizes hormone secretions?by providing phytoestrogens, hormone precursors, helps to strengthen uterine muscles, enhances the thickness of endometrium to desired level.
Restores ovarian functions?and promotes ovulation, thus benefits in fertilization and plays promising role in unexplained infertility.

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Amil Amycordial Tablet 30

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 cm


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Untitled design T.Amil Amycordial Tablet 30
Original price was: ₹177.00.Current price is: ₹140.00.