Dhootapapeshwar Mahasudarshan Kadha 450ml

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Baidyanath Kesari Kalp RoyalChyawanprash 1kg

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Baidyanath Pirrhoids Tablet 50 tab

Baidyanath Pirrhoids Tablet contains several herbal ingredients. It is used to treat piles, fissures, hemorrhoids.

Key benefits/uses of Baidyanath Pirrhoids Tablet:
– Ayurvedic treatment for piles due to indigestion and constipation
– Relieves inflammation
– Helps in the shrinkage of piles
– Ensures smooth evacuation of bowel
– Minimise aggravation of Haemorrhoids
– Stops burning and itching due to piles
– Relieves pain, swelling, bleeding, and itching

Direction for use/Dosage :
– 1 to 2 tablets twice a day or as directed by the Physician

– Piles, fissures, hemorrhoids, Indigestion, constipation, dysentery, inflammation, anorectic pain, Anal fissures

Storage instructions:
– Store in a cool, dry, & dark place
– Protect from direct sunlight

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Baidyanath Pirrhoids Tablet 50 tab

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